Colored Pencil
Oil Painting

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Colored Pencil

Head/Shoulders: $300- and up
Half figure with hands: $500- and up
Three-quarters: $750- and up
Full figure: $1000

Oil Painting

Head/Shoulders: $1000- and up
Half figure with hands: $1500- and up
Three-quarters: $2500-and up
Full figure: $4000- and up

All sizes start 18 x 24 unless other wise stated or negotiated.


Photography is billed at an Hourly rate of 75.00 per hr.

50% more for each additional subject.
Prices for groups are available upon request.
25% more for animals.

Travel, shipping, frame and tax are not included.
A deposit of 40% is due in advance and is non refundable.
Balance due at completion of commission and acceptance by the client.


Once the order has been placed, we will arrange a time to discuss the details of the portrait ( composition, setting, background, preferred color scheme, final location of painting, etc) and a photo session will be scheduled. Once the images have been taken a copy will then be sent to the client to choose which image(s) they wish to have used in the creation of the portrait. Weekly or even sometimes daily photos will be sent of the progress to the client.



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